Quality Certifications and Compliance Declarations, UL Constructions, Materials
Colour Management, Cutting Technology

Quality Policy

It is the policy of ID technology Ltd to provide products that always meet and where possible, exceed our business objectives and customer requirements, based on the following precepts:

  1. The requirements of our customers are collected effectively to ensure that ID technology Ltd is capable of achieving customer expectations
  2. The requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood so that our products and services can be delivered in a timely and professional manner
  3. All processes employed by ID technology Ltd to deliver our products and services are determined, resourced appropriately, documented, monitored and measured to ensure conformance to:
  4. Customer requirements,
  5. Business objectives, and
  6. Any applicable industry regulations and legislation.
  7. All ID technology Ltd employees are competent for their area of work through academic achievement, training and experience, where appropriate.
  8. Appropriate mechanisms are in place to monitor customer satisfaction or feedback so that ID technology Ltd. achieves its commitment to continual improvement.

To provide for this policy, ID technology Ltd has established a Quality Management System (QMS) in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The QMS is an integral part of our process management and the organization is dedicated to its continual improvement by:

  1. Providing clear focus on priorities by establishing business and quality objectives, which are reviewed periodically through the management review process
  2. Making available the necessary resources to ensure that the QMS remains effective in achieving business and quality objectives.
  3. Top management’s participation in the monitoring and measurement of the performance of the QMS is focussed on acting on opportunities for continual improvement.

ID technology Ltd has implemented an Internal Audit Programme to ensure the ongoing suitability and conformity of the QMS is assured. The QMS has the full support of all management and staff. All staff have been made aware of this policy and the QMS Manual. Both the policy and QMS manual remain available in the Quality department for further reference as required.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive
ID Technology Ltd can confirm that all parts supplied by us comply with the restrictions in the latest RoHS (EU) Directive. Our vendors have assured us that they do not add these additives deliberately to their products and neither does ID Technology deliberately add these components. Any parts per million (ppm) traces found will only be those present due to impurities.

European Law on Chemicals, REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals)

ID Technology Ltd can confirm that all products supplied by us do not contain any of the latest SVHC published by the ECHA and are REACH compliant.

For copies of our Policies please contact us

UL Constructions

ID technology are a supplier of UL recognized products and have an extensive range of approved constructions suitable for use in varied applications.


With a high level of experience in the printing and conversion of materials ID technology operate in many industry sectors.

  • Self Adhesive Papers
    Typically used in packaging or short life applications where a need for the customer to add variable details at or just prior to use. We can support your needs whether a finished printed label, thermal transfer label or laser printable label stock is required.
  • Self Adhesive Durable Films
    Used in providing more permanent identification, at times combining fixed information details such as warning symbols with variable data. There are an ever increasing array of specialist films and adhesive systems to choose from.

    • Low Cost Polyolifin, Vinyl, Polyethylene
    • High performance polyesters
    • High Temp Kaptons
  • Non Adhesive Materials
    In many applications either non-adhesive coated materials or partially (zoned) adhesive is a requirement.

    Paper / Board, Polycarbonate film, Polyester film or Tyvek

These materials can be treated with an extensive range of adhesive systems either with partial or complete coverage.

Adhesive Systems
Transfer adhesive Systems, Screen Printed Zoned adhesives, Permanent adhesive systems and Removable adhesive systems.

Ink Systems

At ID technology we are 100% in our usage of UV curable printing systems. These systems have the benefit of providing better resistance to fading when exposed to UV meaning colours stay rich longer.  An additional benefit is the ability of the printer to deliver consistency of colour from batch to batch and throughout a production run.

Solvent based systems are still in use in applications demanding certain levels of performance in achieving for example metallic finishes or deep draws in 3D components.

All colour matching is established and controlled through our colour lab.

Colour Management

The ability to deliver consistently on corporate colour is crucial. We support this through our ink technicians and printers supported by colour lab.

Cutting Technology

We have a range of capabilities to meet any challenge. Low cost, fast turn around, high volume, critical dimensions and thick gauges.

Steel rule die, Solid rotary, Magnetic rotary, Match Metal Press, Hybrid and Laser.

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