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The products we create, change, evolve and grow in line with our client’s requirements.

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The products we create, change, evolve and grow in line with our client’s requirements. Offering a comprehensive range of product options from tamper resistance to extreme durability.

Designing and Manufacturing a wide range of Labels & Overlays.

Packaging Labels, Durable Rating Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbons, Warning and Instructional Labels, Security Labels, High Temp PCB Labels, Overlays / Facia Panels, Adhesives & Protect Tapes, Insulators/Shielding and Diecuts, Promotional and Brand protection.

Our focus is on our Clients – adding value and providing solutions.

Promo and Branding

A POS label is a crucial element of promoting your brand. It can also be used to illustrate the features of the product itself that differentiate it from those of your competitors.

Variable Data Barcode Labels

Variable data such as serial numbers, security codes, manufacturing dates, barcoding and QR codes can be printed in text and barcode format.

Blank Labels

Whether you require a low-cost packaging label or a high temperature performance printed circuit board (pcb) label our combination of die-cutting options will ensure the best balance of tool cost/unit cost is achieved.

Rotary blanking and Flatbed die-cutting

With options on solid rotary or magnetic tooling technologies considerations of cost, lead-time and tool life can be accommodated in determining the optimum solution for your label material and volume requirements.

Flatbed die-cutting

Low cost and fast turn around tooling ideal for low to medium volume demands.

Control Panel Overlays / Facia Panels

  • Highly cosmetic printed panels
  • Incorporate colour & gloss level matching to housings
  • Diffused LED treatments
  • Water clear LCD display overlay windows profiled key areas

Security Labels

  • Overt, covert security features
  • Tamper-evident features
  • Custom tamper evident patterns/messages
  • Embedded features to detect counterfeit goods
  • Protection of authenticity can be achieved with the incorporation of a hologram
  • Thermo-Chromic inks for heat sensitive products

Warning and Instructional Labels

  • Critical compliance and safety information
  • Durable solutions
  • Specified size, shape, colour and application

High Temp PCB Labels

High Temperature PCB Labels – there are many high temperature solutions available to suit the varied exposures of individual processes.

Durable Rating Labels

  • Sharp, Clean Durable
  • Resistance to a wide range of industry cleaning solutions
  • Range of film/adhesive combinations for difficult application surfaces

Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Assisting you to identify the best combination of label stock/ribbon to keep your print quality to a premium

Ribbons are available for printing on

  • Paper Labels (Wax and Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons)
  • Polyester Labels (Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons)
  • High Temp Kaptons (Speciality Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons)

Adhesive & Protect Tapes

  • Double-sided protective and transfer tapes
  • Used for fabrication and protection within electronic appliances
  • Functions include bonding, lamination and protection

If you need a specific adhesive supplied in a transfer tape or cut to a particular shape, this can be supported whether removable or permanent.

Many products are supplied with protective clear films applied to cosmetic surfaces. A variety of film thicknesses, colours and adhesive grades are available.

Insulators / Shielding and Diecuts

  • Material supply base and processes to convert required design or material type
  • Blank die-cuts or Printed die-cuts
  • Flat die-cut
  • Assembled shape

Energy Labels

The EU energy label has been a key driver for helping consumers choose products which are more energy efficient.

Labels printed to client’s specification in any size, format or material.

Questions about labels? Ask our experts.